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Knowing how to operate Windows is a basic skill, but that doesn’t mean that teaching it is simple. With our engaging and imaginative courseware, you can make learning Windows easy and fun.

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“30 Bird’s team is always there when I have questions or need something. Their courseware content is the best I’ve come across.”

-Dave Franks, RMF & eMass Trainer

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Build a Solid Foundation With Windows

Windows is such a big part of many of our daily lives. It is easy to underestimate how complicated teaching it to students can be. Windows is a foundational program, which means that it’s necessary to have a solid understanding of it before you move on to other IT pursuits.

It’s also a universal program, meaning that students of all different kinds need to learn it. Our instructional materials take each of these factors into account, presenting Windows instruction in a way that is both accessible and comprehensive.

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A Fun, Fresh Approach to Windows

30 Bird’s practical, hands-on, and realistic exercises allow students to learn in a variety of different ways. Our unconventional methods bring a modern approach to digital age classroom instruction.

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